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Patio Professionals WA is proud to use only genuine Australian Colorbond Steel products, sourced from our preferred suppliers in Western Australia.

Fifty years of Australian research and development has created a range of technologies that give genuine COLORBOND® steel its long lasting performance when subjected to some of the harshest Australian conditions.

For roofing, check for the ink branding on the reverse side of the sheet, it appears at least three times in each 2.4 m section.

For guttering, you can look on the inside for ink branding, and, in some Australian States, you will find the protective wrapping that your COLORBOND® steel arrives in, is branded too.

Genuine COLORBOND® steel garage doors are ink branded. This is an edge brand on the reverse side of the sheeting with 'COLORBOND® steel made by BlueScope'.

It pays to check that you are getting what you’ve paid for and that the materials used are going to live up to the task – especially if they are protecting your investment from the Australian elements, which put all building materials to the toughest of tests.

Our entire range of patios is built with Colorbond steel roof sheeting and gutters.

To add to the overall longevity of our patios all patios built for the Geraldton region are made using the COLORBOND® Ultra steel and all trusses posts and other steel components are Hot Dip Galvanised to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4680:2006, they are then treated and powder coated at our factory in Bellevue to Australian Standard AS 4506-2005.

COLORBOND® Ultra steel is the recommended roofing material for environments where there may still be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air – approximately 100 to 200 metres from breaking surf.

colorbond options
colorbond options

Great Colorbond Patios offer 3 profiles of roof sheeting for your convenience:


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